Car updates
Written by el_Bromso   
Thursday, 16 April 2009 19:56

el_Bromso has been busy with the car lately.

I had great help from my dad mounting the frontal bumper. I did the assembly of the roofrack by my self. (Though, I had some help from my chihuahua)
I had some help from Bamse with the final touches of the roof mounted cart. We had to grind and polish the aluminiumprofiles to get the primer and paint to stick. The pictures below show the result, we´re pretty pleased with it ^_^


More pictures can be found here!

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New Movie!
Written by Bamse   
Wednesday, 15 August 2007 16:24

Alright, Time for some movies from our games.

Filmed with a Canon Ixus 75, I shot the movies with 320x240, which obviosly was way to low. I resized the player to 450x365 so the image is a bit streched, but heck ... better than 320x240, right? ;)

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Bockaby 2007-07-14
Written by Bamse   
Wednesday, 15 August 2007 17:21

Very sweet game held in Bockaby yesterday by VSAF. About 65 people attended and Team ODD (without hokke :/) together with Krigsmaskineriet attended ofcourse :)

It was a very intense game as with all pure-cqb-games ... the tempo was quite high and the adrenaline was pumping.

Our pics followed by a few short films;

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Dark Woods ...
Written by Bamse   
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 11:12
Delendam arranged yet another milsim big game in the spirit of the Pandion-series. Since TODD never participated on the previous games, we really were excited to go, and boy would our expectations come true!

We didn't use our camera as much as we would've wanted, but we were to busy having fun ... so .... ;P

There's also a small amount of pictures taken, you can check them out here;
Bockaby 2009-02-07
Written by el_Bromso   
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 10:56
Quite the massive CQB/MOUT game was held in Bockaby, again.
This time GabTab arranged a game with a few new rules that added lots of extra fun to the game.

Have a look! :)

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New year goes hand in hand with updates!
Written by Bamse   
Friday, 23 January 2009 01:35

Since the lack of updates just reflects just how busy we've been, I can tell you all; There has been some changes!

First of all, shortly after writing the last post in September we added a new member to our team!
A VERY big welcome to Igge !
Igge's the oldest man in the pack but turns into the youngest when we get out on the field. Ever seen the Duracell bunny? There's nothing stopping this man!
Igge brings lots of experience to our team with experience from real world conflicts. He's been airsofting since early 2000 and is considered a dear old friend.

A few months later, Gambler who's been with us from the start decided to part ways due to different priorities in life and a kind of imminent move to the ol' US of A. Ofcourse he still hangs our with us if he shows on the game fields, but he's not a member anymore. Mr. Gambler, you'll be missed!

Time moves on and after a few more hectic gear collecting months, a few photo shoots, a movie participation the year finally turned 2009 and we're more than ready to get back in the saddle.

Just this week we added another person to our roster; raXXo
raXXo has been an acquaintance of our since we all started playing airsoft in and around the year 2000. He started playing way before us and he was actually one of the first guys I met on the field we had back then. raXXo brings loads of airsofting experiance to this team and he will surely bring this team one step closer to perfection, no doubt about it.

Don't forget to check out our Gallery from time to time. New pics are added weekly in all forms. Game related, gun and gear related, and last but not least were building quite the hefty inspiration album meant for real steel pictures.


So, I really would like to say "Stay tuned for even more info!" ... but looking at the rate of posts on this site I cannot do nothing but recommend you to add this page to your favourite RSS-reader and keep up with us that way :)

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Look, an update!
Written by Bamse   
Thursday, 25 September 2008 04:03

 Team banner

As you all probably have noticed, there hasn't been much action on this site (apart from the gallery ... the categories are updated on a weekly:ish basis) since ... well, a year or so.

There are many reasons for this, but one thing is very clear; the ODD bunch is back!
Look for us at the local airsoft skirmishes here in Gothenburg, if it's a Sunday we WILL be there!

On a very happy note, we also got a new member in our team; Igge
Igge is an airsoft veteran, like the rest of us ;P, and has been playing for many years. We are really both proud and happy about this recruitment! :)

In other news;

We will attend the Bockaby game held October 4 by GABTAB in full force! A few others will be joining our squad aswell, so don't be surprised if we show up with more than 10 people. ^_^

Lots of rearranging in the gear department has been done over the last months. The same base look, but a lot more "tr00h"-looking gear and weapons to go with the new revamped team. Pictures will follow as soon as we feel ready to show the world.

We do have plans on making this website a bit more friendly to navigate and a bit more eye-pleasing as well. Although, we are quite busy (beer drinking, booze drinking, hunting women at Rockbaren and ... well jobs 'n shit :P), so don't expect any changes soon. We will however remove a few categories from the top menu since we think they are really unnecessary.

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Site finally back up!
Written by Bamse   
Wednesday, 23 January 2008 12:43


After just over a month of downtime we finally have our site back up and running. Although we lost the domain to a third party (hijackers, and a long long story :P) we got the opportunity to get a hold of Not sure if it's better, but it sure as hell isn't worse ;)

Pretty much everything has been updated, including the backend for this part of the site, the gallery, the forum and so on. There are not many visible differences, but there are a few things under the hood that's quite tasteful.
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there is a blog over at The blog has been a personal blog of mine fore quite a while and not updated in roughly a year. It's not airsoft related in any way and will be moved to a new domain that will be hosting my personal things instead of here. If you're interested, stay tuned for news on that subject later on.

So, once again, Long live! ;) 

Things are looking good!
Written by Bamse   
Tuesday, 05 June 2007 19:25

Things are starting to look good in the ol' thing-bin. A few of the parts to my new M14 showed up:
Leupold KAC M14 RAS Misc.






Apart from the goodies above we've ordered a few things to our new set of radioes in the team, Motorola Saber. Pics on the radioes themselves will be shown in a later post :)

Motorola goodies





So, stay tuned for muuuuuch more goodies, this was just the tip of the iceberg! ;)

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Game, Kronoskogen - 2007-05-27
Written by Bamse   
Tuesday, 29 May 2007 15:31

Last sunday Krigsmaskineriet organized a game at Kronoskogen, Kungsbacka.
Me and el_Bromso showed up as ready as ever trying to assault in a domination-like game. Lots of fun.

Check out the pics taken by Gambler (who was on call that day and couldn't really participate :/)


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I really hate bad timing ...
Written by Bamse   
Wednesday, 02 May 2007 10:49

Sometimes, I just can't believe it >_<
Last time we played with our entire team were like over a year ago, and finally we found out that everyone really could participate, both sunday and tuesday if more than one game was planned.
So, on saturday we started checking for games all over the place, and thanks to Mr. Murphy the nearest game was held in Kristiandstad. 300km of driving for a single game, freeway for ~150km and then suckysucky-road the rest. No thxplzbbqthcplzkbyebye.

But since there was another game planned for tuesday everything was still peachy. We "knew" that we would have our fair share of fun later on. So, Valborgsmässoafton and all (holiday here in Sweden where 99% of the entire polulation ends up shitfaced or hospitalized due to way to much alcohol), I went home turning down an invitation to one of the biggest parties of the year, 2500 ppl, 6 bars and 6 dance floors, because I "knew" that we were still on for tomorrow. When I came home I checked the forums and yes, there it was; Game canceled tomorrow! >_<

Anywho, we ended up going to Liseberg instead, doing a femkamp, winning it, went home to Bromso for a lovely dinner, and then home to cry :P
Better luck next time I guess .... >_<

Site launch in reach?
Written by Bamse   
Friday, 27 April 2007 12:43

It actually seems like there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Site construction is almost there, the front page formatting, which was one of the hardest things to find and configure in Joomla ;P, has been redone so news are lined up in a more down-to-up fashing instead of side-to-side.

Logo is still one of our main thing on the to-do list, I really do suck at PS / design in general, so I'll have to rely on my team-mates here I think.

Apart from the fact that we actually DO you Joomla, is that the soloution I chose to present the different members of Team ODD also is used by Coup de Grace (and they presented their site way before we did) it all feels kind of, well ... not so good.
I really do like Joomla as a CMS, and it's not likly that we'll leave it .. but redesigning the public members area is necessary I think. Well, let's just see what happens, shall we? :)

More content will be added, such as a few reviews and product walk-thru's etc. We'll keep you posted :)

Don't forget adding us with yer favourite RSS-reader ... just follow the links to the left! 

rss test
Written by Bamse   
Monday, 23 April 2007 20:22

Small RSS-test :)

Plz, pay no attention ;P 

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New movie!
Written by Bamse   
Thursday, 19 April 2007 13:56

Alright, Time for some movies from our games.

Filmed with a Canon Ixus 75, I shot the movies with 320x240, which obviosly was way to low. I resized the player to 450x365 so the image is a bit streched, but heck ... better than 320x240, right? ;)

Movie placeholder
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New Site Launch
Written by Bamse   
Monday, 12 March 2007 14:00

Welcome to the new site of airsoft team: Team ODD.

We'll be rearranging this page pretty much and designing it according to ours, and your needs. As soon as the main layout is done we'll start filling theese pages with a bit more relevant contant, starting with who and what we are and what we use.

So, keep checking in on regular basis!


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