I really hate bad timing ... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bamse   
Wednesday, 02 May 2007 10:49

Sometimes, I just can't believe it >_<
Last time we played with our entire team were like over a year ago, and finally we found out that everyone really could participate, both sunday and tuesday if more than one game was planned.
So, on saturday we started checking for games all over the place, and thanks to Mr. Murphy the nearest game was held in Kristiandstad. 300km of driving for a single game, freeway for ~150km and then suckysucky-road the rest. No thxplzbbqthcplzkbyebye.

But since there was another game planned for tuesday everything was still peachy. We "knew" that we would have our fair share of fun later on. So, Valborgsmässoafton and all (holiday here in Sweden where 99% of the entire polulation ends up shitfaced or hospitalized due to way to much alcohol), I went home turning down an invitation to one of the biggest parties of the year, 2500 ppl, 6 bars and 6 dance floors, because I "knew" that we were still on for tomorrow. When I came home I checked the forums and yes, there it was; Game canceled tomorrow! >_<

Anywho, we ended up going to Liseberg instead, doing a femkamp, winning it, went home to Bromso for a lovely dinner, and then home to cry :P
Better luck next time I guess .... >_<